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Sustainable Animal Proteins

Proteins are essential part of an adequate human diet. Animal based proteins, such as milk, meat and fish, are a part of most people’s diets and highly nutritious. Animal proteins are also an integral part of many cultures and provide a good income for families and communities.
More sustainable farming through lower methane emissions

澳客网比分直播手机版 It is known that livestock and fish production contribute to 14.5% of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and put pressure on natural resources. Livestock is also seen as major contributor to the rise of anti-microbial resistance due to the misuse and overuse of antibiotics in animal feed.

By 2026 animal production is expected to produce an additional 40 million tons of meat (with poultry representing almost half) and 25 million tons of fish (with aquaculture contributing to all of this growth1).

As DSM we aim to contribute to the most healthy and sustainably produced animal proteins addressing the 3 key societal issues:

  • Climate Action
    Reducing emissions such as GHG and ammonia (livestock production is estimated to be responsible for 14.5% of human induced GHG emissions, with methane from ruminants being the major contributor); reducing and better control of biochemical flows such as nitrogen and phosphorus discharge from farming operations (phosphate has a significant, negative impact on the trophic status of freshwaters). One example is our innovation project that help reducing methane emissions of cows.
  • Resource Protection
    Reducing the use of finite resources such as fish meal and fish oil in aquaculture and replacing with more sustainable alternatives; greater use of local feed raw materials; extracting more nutrition out of globally traded and locally produced raw materials, use of agricultural by-products and novel feed raw materials; extending life-time performance of animals (especially in dairy and breeding animals). For examples, Veramaris? (algae-based technology for producing EPA and DHA) and RONOZYME? ProAct (reducing nitrogen emissions and improving feed efficiency for birds).
  • Public Health
    Producing high quality, safe, nutrient-dense protein as a key source of essential amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals; ending the practice of the sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics for growth promotion in animals in order to help limit the spread of AMR, a top public health issue; ensuring food security and availability of animal protein at affordable prices. For example eubiotics that strengthen animal health without the use of antibiotics.

Contributing to farmers welfare by applying our scientific competences

DSM uses its insights in animal health, food safety and reducing environmental impact to support farmers with sustainable production processes in different regions and farming systems. For example, with our DSM ‘business-to-farm’ project in China, we are supporting small-scale farmers with training and support services to help them increase the safety and quality of the food they produce, while also reducing its environmental impact.

1) OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2017-2026

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