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Stimulating innovation with purpose

Our innovation environment

Our bright science is creating game-changing innovations in Nutrition & Health, Climate & Energy and Resources & Circularity. But how exactly do we achieve it?
A unique scientific approach

澳客网比分直播手机版 At DSM we have the people, competences, and connections to transform bright science into sustainable commercial solutions. But so do other science-based companies. So, what makes our approach so special?

A unique scientific approach

We’ve learned that it’s hard to sustain innovation long-term unless your people really want to do it. Which is why our purpose is at the very heart of our science & innovation efforts. For example, our strategy is fully aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For the third consecutive year, Fortune magazine named DSM on its annual “Change the World” with an amazing 2nd place in 2017.

We believe that people are inherently good - and want to do well by doing good. Which is why we recruit bright minds who are 100% behind our purpose and come into work every day fired up to make their mark on society. What’s more, they are increasingly from more diverse backgrounds (we now aim for a minimum 50% representation of under-represented groups when hiring) – thus bringing with them different and disruptive thinking.

Creating a winning infrastructure

Our dedicated DSM Innovation Center drives long-term innovation outside the scope of the mainstream business through a Global Business Incubator and several Emerging Business Areas; DSM Advanced Solar, DSM Bio-based Products & Services and DSM Biomedical.

Meanwhile a dedicated Council runs our Innovation Excellence program throughout DSM and oversees the cross-DSM portfolio. The council members each come from a different Business Group and have full control over incremental innovations for their own segments.

Purpose leads to results

So how are we doing? 62% of our current sales are what we call Brighter Living Solutions. They have a significantly better impact on the health of people and planet than conventional, comparable solutions and are 5-10% more profitable than running business. We expect the sales of Brighter Living Solutions to rise to 65% by 2020.

Furthermore, our innovation speed is three times greater than a decade ago – boosting value creation yet further by getting our new solutions to market faster in order to make life brighter for as many people as possible.

Scientific Advisory Board

In line with this Open Innovation approach, DSM also regularly connects with its international Scientific Advisory Board. Acting under the supervision of the Chief Technology Officer, the Board provides valuable different perspectives and insights, challenges and reviews our scientific work and gives advice on trends and upcoming disruptive technologies. It comprises five internationally recognized experts in the fields of materials, biotechnology and nutrition from leading universities in the US and Europe.

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