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Rudy Rulkens

Materials Sciences, Macromolecular Sciences

Principal Scientist in the field of polyamides
Rudy Rulkens

I’m currently working on...

澳客网比分直播手机版 The chemical side of polyamides and designing new product lines with innovative technologies. In particular, I focus on developing high-performance polymers that can be used in high-temperature applications, such as the electronic and automotive industries.

The aspect of my work that excites and inspires me the most is...

I love to find new chemical pathways to discover new and improved materials that improve people’s lives. I find it really inspiring that polyamides generate hydrogen bonds in the same way that nature generates hydrogen bonds and protein molecules to build complex systems. The area that my work focuses on is really at the heart of some important processes.

The breakthrough I would most like to see is...

I would love to drive the commercial success of new high-temperature materials, as well as to develop a broader range of these complex materials. It would be great if we could generate materials that compare favorably to the materials produced by competitors. We can achieve this by continuing to build on our research and broaden the scope of our investigations.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Polymer chemistry
  • Polyamides
  • Engineering Plastics
  • Synthesis of new materials by polycondensation
  • Solid-state chemistry with a focus on solid state polycondensation of polyamides
  • Structure of property relations: Translating material properties into material composition
  • Effect of process conditions on material properties
  • Effects of additives on polycondensates

I represent DSM externally at:

I am a contact person for a number of projects of the Dutch Polymer Institute. I am also a lecturer at the RWTH (Aachen University) and member of the Expert advisory board “textiles” and part-time scientist (area of expertise Polycondensation Chemistry, Polyamide based Materials) at the of the DWI Leibnitz-Institute for Interactive Materials in Aachen.

Based in:

Geleen, the Netherlands

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