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Vitamin E research from DSM: Boosting health

Vitamin E is something that everyone should benefit from. However, recent studies indicate that vitamin E plays a greater role in supporting human health than we previously thought – possibly in treating types of liver disease as well as Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease.
Vitamin E research from DSM: Boosting health

澳客网比分直播手机版 In fact, new data suggests that the dietary intake recommendations for vitamin E are not being met around the world. Our response? A range of activities designed to discover more about vitamin E and how it can improve human beings’ quality of life.

DSM: A world leader in Vitamin E

As the world’s leading supplier of vitamin E, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of oil and dry forms used in a wide range of applications.

Discovered in 1922, isolated in 1936, and first synthesized in 1938, Vitamin E is a powerful biological antioxidant, but its total range of activity has yet to be truly mapped, explains Prof. Manfred Eggersdorfer, Senior Vice President, Nutrition Science and Advocacy at DSM: “Vitamin E is an essential micronutrient that is critical for development and growth. The results of recent research on vitamin E are very stimulating and go beyond its mere role as an essential micronutrient. However, there is very little funding for this activity worldwide. At DSM we are therefore calling for a renaissance in vitamin research to change this.”

Supporting pioneering studies

Recent advances in genomics have given scientists new opportunities to discover more about the “classic” vitamins. At DSM we are supporting scientists in their vitamin E research around the world through a range of conferences, symposia, publications and reviews.

In 2013, for example, our DSM Nutritional Sciences Award went to Professor Maret G Traber, a pioneer in vitamin E research and the world’s leading researcher of vitamin E in humans. The following year, we presented at the III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition as part of a symposium that reviewed the proven biological function of vitamin E as an antioxidant, and assessed the current data on vitamin E intake and status worldwide.


Vitamin E: New findings and initiatives

The results of several clinical studies indicate that vitamin E is associated with a decrease in aminotransferases and a reduction in fatty degeneration and inflammation in patients with non-alcoholic liver disease.

In February 2015, DSM’s Manfred Eggersdorfer and Jacob Bauly joined with Dr Arun Sanyal of Virginia Commonwealth University to deliver a webinar on the efficacy of vitamin E to prevent the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Vitamin E supplementation in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases is also under investigation: The Journal of the American Medical Association recently published a major study which found that our Quali?-E product can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Meanwhile, new studies also indicate that vitamin E intake reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and heart attack among certain diabetic patients.

Vitamin E molecules

A unique set of competences

DSM has a unique set of competences to further the development of vitamin E research,” says Prof. Eggersdorfer. “Besides our expertise in the product itself, we conduct research to understand more deeply the mechanism of how vitamin E works; and to systematically review intakes and status of vitamin E worldwide. We also investigate the role of vitamin E in protecting polyunsaturated fatty acids from being oxidized; develop data on the requirements of vitamin E; and further explore the interactions of vitamin E with a given genotype.

Last but not least, we are striving to design human studies on the role of vitamin E in the development and treatment of fatty liver - a disease affecting more than 600 million people worldwide. It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously, and we’re leading the way.”

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